Not & Bolt

What WD40 can teach you about digital business

WD40 is amazing stuff. Apart from curing squeaky hinges and shaping baseball mitts, it is incredible at unsticking things. Fused Lego bricks, bonded piano keys, even superglue and sap all yield to the mighty blue and yellow can…

Which got us thinking…how can we be the WD40 of your recruitment process?

Especially the incredibly tricky, unwieldy parts like defining the business and technological change that will drive digital transformation success within your organisation. Or finding a figurehead that can build, motivate and lead a team to make that success happen? The bits that make everything grind to a sticky halt….

Just like the magic Stoddard Solvent and silicon in WD40, we have our own lubricant that makes everything run smoother: experience. We have been in your position, countless times before. We have had to figure out how to draft, define and develop strategies for digital transformations, mergers, acquisitions, spinoffs and more. We know how to loosen things and get them moving.

And just like the bendy straw strapped to every can, we can get to the hard to reach parts of your business change project – the leadership talent that has safely steered businesses just like yours into a more digital future. We have an unrivalled network of contacts and portfolio of experience.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can source THE best IT & Digital talent.