The art of selling yourself

Publishing content and obtaining a level of mastery of social media platforms, particularly Linkedin, is increasingly important for those in a job search.

For many, this presents a significant challenge that appears like a block in the road. Why is that? There are many contributing factors and today we will discuss three and continue with the content theme over the coming weeks.

Imposter syndrome

As applied to the world of work, this is the feeling where you can’t quite believe you are being paid to do the job you are doing. Alternatively, if you are in a job search you feel that you will never get a job earning a particular salary because there is no way that you are ‘qualified’ to do the job. You feel that it’s only a matter of time before someone knocks on your door and tells you that the game is up. This mindset tends to extend to writing content.


In school we learn subjects and then take exams and get certificates. Doing better in exams leads to more certificates with higher grades. And the traditional idea is that the more of those that you have will result in getting a ‘better’ job. This creates two obstacles to creating content. Firstly, you may think that you can only publish an article if you’ve passed an exam in it. Secondly, having finished studying, you never want to pick up the pen ever again!

More certificates

This phenomenon then extends into the world of work where a perception can be created that you have to be ‘qualified’ to do a certain job. Clearly there are jobs which require a qualification. However, the vast majority of jobs only require a level of skills and experience that enable you to do it effectively.

Certifications are very good ways of solidifying knowledge. However, an employer might be reluctant to hire you simply on the basis of having achieved a certificate without any experience with which to apply the knowledge in a real-world work environment.

Write it down

The key point here is that your skills and experience matter and those include transferable skills such as an ability to work in teams.

So in order to start publishing content, write down what you do or did in your job and the things you liked about it. There is no need to publish it at first and there is definitely no need to use an AI tool! What you think matters.

At BML.Work we help people to craft the message about what makes us all unique and put teams together to deliver great outcomes for organisations. Get in touch and you’ll be a Linkedin warrior in no time!