Hitting reinstall on human recruitment: the senior technology leader fix

It is an uncomfortable truth that the recruitment of senior digital business and technology leadership – those CIOs, IT directors, enterprise architects and program leaders – the ones that control the ebb and flow of the $731bn market of digital transformation, IT operations, and IT change (such as M&A transitions and integration) is a process no longer fit for purpose.

This is despite the best efforts of a LOT of people. As an industry, enterprise software and the associated areas have had wave after wave of new talent come through, and even more impetus added by the latest solutions, models and technology buzzwords.

There have been huge STEM recruitment drives. Universities have adjusted courses and added new topics.  These have – to be fair – begun to address the need for foundational capabilities. But the truth remains that actual skills and practical experience remain in short supply.

And yet, time has passed – as a discipline, digital transformation is over a decade old. This far exceeds the five years that one survey found was needed for technology talent to develop the skills and experience to put them in a position to become a CTO.

But it is still taking eons to find the right people to lead projects, whether that is someone capable of leading IT and strategy, refining and improving existing operations or overseeing radical, transformative projects.

For this problem to persist, something is systemically wrong.

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